ISP Fish Market

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From Australian Waters to Global Markets: Our Premium Seafood Exports Satisfy Worldwide Demand.

With an abundance of fresh, quality seafood on our doorstep, it’s no surprise that our exports are in high demand, not only here in Australia but across the seas. ISP has been an active exporter of seafood sourced from our pristine Australian oceans since 1984.

Our current exports include a selection of live, frozen, and dried seafood from Brown Tiger Prawns and Tropical Rock Lobster to Sea Cucumber.

Our Top Exports

Discover Our Diverse Range of Exquisite Ocean Treasures.

Brown Tiger Prawn/Shrimp

(Penaeus esculentus)
Pack Style 5kg or 3×3 kg

Tropical Rock Lobster tails

(Panurilus Ornatus)
Pack Style approx. 11.34kg

Endeavour Prawn/Shrimp

(Metapenaeus endeavouri)
5kg or 3×3 kg

Tropical Rock Lobster live

(Panurilus Ornatus)
Pack Style approx. 15kg

Sea Cucumber Dried Pack Style 15kg

  • Prickly Redfish
  • Redfish
  • Blackfish
  • Blackteat
  • Whiteteat
  • Curryfish
  • Golden Sandfish

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